Digital dreams

Ubidreams innovation story in La Rochelle since 2009

Our values

Consideration and evolution, continuous improvement, customer focus, innovation, eco-responsibility and many other values ​​are part of our company's DNA.

Shared by everyone

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Mutual assistance

Because collaboration is the key to success, we all benefit from sharing our knowledge and expertise on our customers projects. “You will never code alone” could well be the developers’ maxim.

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Flexibility schedules mean allowing everyone to organise their time according to their constraints and preferences. Fulfillment at work while respecting co-workers and one’s own commitments.

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Because it’s important to encourage the interpersonal values of each individual, Ubidreams values the decision making of its employees.

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UBIDREAMS' challenge to its employees is to enable them to achieve their potential by valuing not only their savoir-faire but also their interpersonal skills.

Our team

UBIDREAMS is made up of skilled engineers and technicians who share our company values but who also enjoy spending time together for a few sessions of musical blind tests or to meet over a drink.

Come and meet us near La Rochelle

UBIDREAMS, it’s a unique localization south of La Rochelle

Established in the dynamic region of Grande-Aquitaine, the agency benefits from a partner of choice with universities, schools but also companies to evolve in a high-performance technological environment.

Partner associations

Discover the associations and clubs to which Ubidreams adheres.