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Ubidreams at Techinnov 2018!

Ubidreams is a partner of the Techinnov exhibition in Paris at Porte Maillot. The opportunity for us to give a conference, find the summary below!

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Digital transformation cannot be a simple aggregation of new technologies such as mobile applications, connected objects, virtual or augmented reality, Big data and artificial intelligence or even drones and robots, not to mention the Blockchain. and 3D printing. There are societal and human issues, comfort of life at work, the agility of the company and its ability to stand out from its competitors, the scalability and performance of its employees, the integration with existing tools and materials, but also sometimes breaks or complements in economic models. It is therefore essential to start any reflection on this subject not with the technological approach but with the business approach.

However, at the technological level, digital transformation can still be modeled according to 5 main axes which are the front end, the back end, objects and robots, API's, and massive and intelligent processing. By ordering them, we then determine the collection and action phases by the objects, the data storage and securing phases, the data comparison and interaction phases, in order to determine the means of analyzing and manage your business and ultimately, like a cherry on the cake, the means to predict and anticipate the future.

Ubidreams has acquired since 2015 experience in the design of digital solutions, it has refined its expertise in the creation of cross-platform mobile applications, it has developed "un savoir-faire" in connected objects around Bluetooth technologies but also ultrasound and more recently on Sigfox and LoRa networks, on-board systems and SMbus and Buscan communication protocols, used in many industries.

Ubidreams has produced several prototypes and innovative projects such as photo gallery animation, a safety bracelet at sea, a connected stand concept, a connected marine buoy for monitoring fishing areas, an SDK for road safety on highways , battery monitoring supervision systems, a complete system for monitoring port activity in unloading areas.

Through all these projects, Ubidreams has developed an analysis methodology based on the Agile method and has developed a new concept for managing M to M projects.

Indeed, among the connected object projects, not all play in the same category. Ubidreams classifies projects according to four categories. The first concerns the simplest objects among which we find the Wearables, ultra dominated by a few manufacturers like Apple and Garmin. The second concerns projects that use remote processing operated by servers connected to the smartphone, itself dialoguing through a mobile application to the connected object. The third category is really the one called IOT, when the object dialogues directly via the internet with remote servers. Finally, there is the category of M to M (Machine to Machine) projects.

It is for this last category that Ubidreams imagined a new concept which replaces the gateway conventionally used in these architectures between the connected object and the WEB server in the CLOUD. The concept of Ubidreams involves a three-component system, intelligent nodes, an intelligent hub and an on-board server. Industrial machines and connected objects, sensors and actuators dialogue with the nodes via an I2C protocol, the nodes communicate with the LorA concentrator which itself or themselves communicate in LoRa with the on-board server via an MQTT protocol to aggregate all data.

This architecture developed by Ubidreams makes it possible to efficiently manage a fleet or a network of totally heterogeneous connected objects and machines, as some market gateways can do, but in addition, it brings, through its granularity, great flexibility and great optimization. in treatments and in energy consumption. It also facilitates data security and complies with the principles of EDGE or FOG computing by guaranteeing continuity of service in degraded modes due to internet connection breaks, for example.

Finally, in addition, Ubidreams has developed a modular visualization module for a giant supervision screen which allows custom and simple modeling of the activity control screens of equipped industrial sites. This supervision technology was inspired by a project carried out by Ubidreams which was originally made for the CORG (General Intelligence Center) control rooms of the national gendarmerie.


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