Advice and assistance to the DPO

Even if your organization already has an internal DPO/ RGPD referent, some issues related to the RGPD regulation may require an expertise and/or an external view.

  • We write your GDPR documentation

Ubidreams advises and assists you in your RGPD compliance project in the long term or in a more punctual way.

What does the RGPD advice and assistance consist of?

  • Advice and assistance to the DPO/internal RGPD representative of your structure;

  • Inventory of the treatments and realization of the register of treatments;

  • Analysis of existing contracts, under negotiation or to be renewed;

  • Advice and assistance in the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures;

  • Advice and assistance on the management of the consent of the persons concerned;

  • Assistance in setting up appropriate safeguards for data transfers to countries outside the EU;

  • Advice and assistance in drafting data protection impact assessments;

  • Assistance in the implementation of internal procedures;

  • Advice and assistance in the drafting and deployment of various Accountability procedures: charters, policies, practice sheets and procedures relating to the protection of personal data.

A customized follow-up

Our method guarantees you a personalized support adapted to your needs: 

  • A dedicated consultant: to advise you and accompany you throughout the process
  • An adapted follow-up: we offer you a personalized approach according to your project;

Tailor-made methods: 

  • Fixed price of days: periodic interventions in your structure in the form of fixed price of days according to your need;

  • Annual subscription: annual subscription to our RGPD platform allows you to work in collaborative mode and to access our online library of practical content written by legal professionals

We write your GDPR documentation

Get help in drafting procedures or documentation required for "Accountability".

Accountability is an essential notion of the RGPD, its main objective is to prove the implementation of adequate measures by companies and public bodies to comply with the framework set by the RGPD. In order to comply with these new obligations, it is necessary that the concerned actors can justify their compliance by a provided and precise documentation.

How is the RGPD documentation elaborated?

In concrete terms, accountability is materialized by the drafting of several documents (procedures, policies, methodologies, charters, guidelines, codes of conduct, etc.) formalizing the measures deployed to achieve compliance. 

Ubidreams offers you to save time by bringing you its experience on the subject. 

More than a simple accompaniment, we rely on our partner lawyers, so that the document meets all your requirements.

Our experts presentation

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