Ensure your cybersecurity with the Sylink solution

Protect your company against CYBERATTAQUES with the SYLink Box SOLUTION of cyber protection of the company SYLINK partner UBIDREAMS.

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    Your cybersecurity solution made simple

    SYLINK is a cybersecurity specialist that originally created its solutions for the French special forces and the DGA before declining them for the protection of private companies.

    This solution provides you with a package of essential functions to ensure your cyber protection.


    • Auto-positioning at the head of the SYLink Box network

    • Systematic analysis of all incoming and outgoing frames

    • Blocking suspicious frames

    • Analysis of emails and phishing operations

    • Blocking suspicious links

    • Global Database of Known Cyberattacks ( IBM X-FORCE, Virus Total )

    • Permanent and automatic update of cyberattacks

    • Embedded artificial intelligence for analyzing suspicious network behavior

    • Blocking suspicious behavior

    • Attack visualization screen

    • Automatic report on attacks.

    • Possibility of creating a temporary VPN for transferring sensitive data


    • Probe mode

    • Analysis of behavior on the network, IP versus sites visited

    • Analysis of global network activities and by IP

    • Blocking access to social networks or other sites by IP

    • Managed portal, observation, visualization, log, statistics

    • Network segmentation

    Don't forget. The head of the company is criminally liable before the law in case of data leakage. He must prove that he has put in place the means to protect his network.

    UBIDREAMS is a SYLINK certified integrator and installer on the SYLink Box so don't hesitate and contact us for more information on our offer.

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