GDPR inventory

"Compliance is the respect of all applicable requirements"

Ubidreams examines your personal data processing practices in order to evaluate the level of maturity of your organization with respect to the regulations on personal data protection. This essential step allows us to deduce an action plan with identified priorities to improve practices.

Thanks to our adapted methodology, our consultants can intervene on a punctual or recurrent basis to assist you during the different stages of compliance.

The RGPD inventory will notably allow :

  • To identify the processing of personal data;

  • To evaluate and analyze the level of data security;

  • Ensure compliance with the obligations of subcontractors;

  • Inventory of existing documents and identification of any missing documents to demonstrate compliance under the "accountability

  • Identify compliance gaps and improvement actions to remedy them.


  • GDPR compliance audit report
  • Action plan (areas for improvement)

Following the audit, we will deliver your RGPD compliance report during a feedback meeting, which will be the opportunity to present you our recommendations and answer your possible questions.

On the basis of the action plan and the elements provided, you can start / undertake the compliance process, alone or with our support, as an External DPO.

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