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What is an Information Systems Director?

The Director of Information Systems (DSI) is a Systems and Networks Administrator and a manager who must coordinate the information systems, IS, but also the company's IT strategy. His or her aim is to ensure that the entire information system is in perfect harmony with the company's business objectives.

To do this, he must ensure that the company's IT system and its telecommunications function properly.

What is the function of a CIO?

Its function is to maintain the technological equipment necessary for the company's proper functioning on a long-term basis. All the equipment used by the employees is set up by the information systems department:

  • Individual workstations,
  • Software,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Storage solutions,
  • The internet network,
  • Servers
  • Computer security of personal data,
  • Computer security of company data

The CIO must always anticipate technological changes, innovations and the needs of the company, for the constant improvement of its production processes.

The CIO must also define an IT charter that covers all rights of use, the uses of the technologies used, IT security and confidentiality issues. The CIO is closely linked to the Data Protection Officer (DPO), the person who manages the confidential data of the company and its customers.

Ubidreams manages your project from A to Z

The involvement of an external CIO allows for an objective view of the problems linked to the company's IT projects. The intervention of Ubidreams' teams within the company also improves the IT security of your IS.

Your IT department can work on your premises and/or remotely, during periods dedicated to you, to allow the concrete progress of your projects.

Some examples of assignments

  • Information Systems Governance
  • Proactive maintenance of the information system
  • Strategic and operational management of the IS
  • Support for digital transformation
  • Audit, consulting and security analysis

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