The outsourcing services offered by UbiDreams are:

  • Maintenance of servers and clients, to ensure high availability of servers and IT infrastructure

  • Supervision and monitoring of your IS: to detect faults and intervene quickly

  • Protection of your mailboxes: allowing you to stay focused on the essentials

  • Switching to VoIP (Voice over IP)

  • On-call and support: a service that allows you to reach your service when needed

Outsourcing implies not only monitoring, support, but also maintenance in operational condition. 

In the event of an incident and once it has been diagnosed, our teams implement the repair procedures which, depending on the situation, can take place: 

  • Either on site.

  • Or by means of a remote control on your infrastructure. 

IP telephony with Ubidreams

Ubidreams offers you its IP telephony solution in partnership with 3CX.

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Our solution allows you to : 

  • Phone, laptop and PC compatibility
  • Voicemail
  • Phone book
  • Integration of your CRM
  • Video conferencing (polling, PDF sharing, screen sharing, remote assistance, etc.)
  • Live chat,
  • Click to Call
  • Call queues
  • Call recording
  • Call flow (automatic call management)
  • Skill-based routing
  • Teleworking

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Supervision by UBIDREAMS

Ubidreams offers you its supervision system for your computer equipment, which includes daily monitoring with periodic reports, verification of software updates, backup reports, and numerous alerts.  

IT Asset Management 

Ubidreams offers you the implementation of a software that allows the complete management of your IS such as the management : 

  • Assets
  • Availability
  • Incidents
  • Problems
  • Knowledge
  • Support
  • Licences
  • Budgets
  • Suppliers

Protection des mails 

UbiDreams offers you its email protection and cyber attack risk awareness solution in partnership with MailInBlack.

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Protect your company and your employees from email threats with proprietary technologies and artificial intelligence.

We offer anti-malware, anti-phising, anti-ransonware and anti-spam systems. But also a training and education tool on phising.

Gestion des sauvegardes

UbiDreams offers you its backup management solution in partnership with VEEAM.
Thanks to this solution, you will benefit from a unique backup and data management platform for all your environments (virtual, physical, cloud, SaaS or Kubernetes).
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Our partners


Our partner for the protection of your emails.


3CX is our partner for your telephone network and your videoconferences.


The partnership between Ubidreams and Veeam allows you to benefit from a complete and powerful backup management solution.

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