Your GDPR tracking solution - Data Legal Drive

DLD is a software certified by the CNIL for the protection of personal data and the regulatory monitoring of the GDPR.

Mockup Data Legal Drive in situ

Centralize your compliance management

The software provides a full range of features that will allow you to manage all aspects of your compliance.

  • Summary dashboard of your GDPR compliance level

  • Carry out your audits, Launch projects in privacy by design mode

  • Create your processing register

  • Map your partners, your software

  • Manage data breaches

  • Demonstrate your accountability

  • Find your resource library, Dalloz, Lefevre

  • Manage data subject requests

  • Access model clause templates

  • Study the impact on privacy with the P.I.A module

  • Follow the training of your employees

DLD is a "software as a service" - hosted in the cloud in FRANCE The license is unique for an unlimited number of users .

UBIDREAMS assists you with setting and filling

  • Environment initialization

  • Creation of entities / users

  • On-Boarding / software training

  • Support for the creation of the Processing register

  • Applications, Dynamic and exportable register

  • Business diagnosis, Action plan,

  • Implementation and follow-up of PIAs

  • Advice and management and monitoring of rights exercises

  • Violation Tracking Document Library

  • Software support chat 5/7 days

  • Periodic reviews in support of your DPO

UBIDREAMS is an integrator and installer certified by DATA LEGAL DRIVE.
Do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration of the software. Discover why this software is made for you!

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