Design of web application

Design UX/UI

This double acronym "User Experience" and "User Interface" places the user at the center of the design process of any digital solution, with the objective of providing maximum satisfaction when browsing on his PC, smartphone or tablet to the user.

The methodology we use

A successful user experience requires both visually pleasing rendering and an intuitive user experience.UBIDREAMS’s UX / UI design specialists think about these two elements in an organized and methodological process at the beginning of each project.


Comprehension of need

The starting point is to focus on understanding the need, its formulation through diagrams such as “story mapping” and representations of the customer's business processes. These representations are amended and validated by the client before proceeding to the next stage.



Next, UBIDREAMS’s UX / UI designers produce the "wireframes" that describe the sequence of screens, i.e. the proposed navigation for using the product.


Mocking up

When this new step has been validated, we build the high-fidelity mock-up of the screens to allow our client to project himself into his future application and thus validate the final functional outline of the version of his product before moving on to its development.

Our tools and process

A Project is always built with the client and its users. It also involves UBIDREAMS developers to anticipate development productivity. Whether it's a web or mobile app, we make sure that your experience is unique.

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Co-design workshops

The co-design workshop is one of our UX method of involving users in a creative session. It allows our UX / UI experts to gather a lot of information and be as close as possible to the needs and expectations of your users.

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Understanding the need model

We analyze the client’s request and the users’ needs at the beginning of the project through discussion sessions with the client. The results are presented in visual form using story mapping to ensure that they correspond as closely as possible to the expression of the need.

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Wireframes are the first animated renders that UBIDREAMS provides and which show the layout of the different elements of the web and / or mobile application. The softwares used by our UX / UI experts are Figma and Adobe XD.

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Animated prototype

Finally the user journey is modelled in an high-fidelity animated mock-up that allows you to show your application or web solution before it is even developed. This animated prototype allows you to fully validate the project before its development. It can also be used to convince your investors, management or partners to continue supporting your project.

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