Our Django Python expertise at your service

A simple and efficient language for all your applications and all devices. In our perspective of multiplatforms development, we have chosen this framework to make working your application on all platforms (Windows, Linux, MAC-OS).

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What is Django?

Django is a web framework based on the programming language : Python. It has been developed since 2003 as part of a local newspaper in the city of Lawrence in Kansas (USA). Its first public and open source version was available in 2005.

Django permits development of different kinds of websites (social networks, news sites, wiki, etc…) with all required bases, as application security, immediately available for developers who can focus on project specifications. It is used by many websites such as Pinterest, Mozilla or Instagram.

Why did we choose Django?

After several years of using a “homemade framework” based on Java, we decided to change in february 2019, and selected Django. Reasons for this change were multiple, on one hand the framework is open source and on the other hand the community was extremely dynamic. And more importantly, the simple developments have been sped up.

How does it work?


As shown in the diagram above, Django supports the MVC (Model - View - Controller) and the MVT (Model - View - Template) patterns. The framework structure separates the data (model) from the treatment (controller), which is itself isolated from the view with the MVC pattern.  

Difference with the MVT pattern is the controller part is handled directly by Django. This lets our developers free to handle templates. Our experts have chosen the framework React Js, so your application has the best of technologies for back-end and front-end.