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REACT JS : What is it?

React Js framework offers tools, libraries and methods panels just ready to use to increase quality and productivity of web and mobile front-end development.

Positioning in relation to its competitors

React JS competitors are Angular JS and Vue.js. React JS is faster, more flexible and more open because of its operation.

How does it work?

React JS provides user interface creation by structuring pages from reusable components including an update which is independent of the page itself. Each component could be structured with other components.

React JS enables page loading operations and more precisely compares virtual DOM components with the true one to deduce which  components need to update. 

By working with the virtual DOM (Document Object Model) and updating browser rendering only in case of necessity, React JS optimizes page loadings and so global performance.

React could be used on the server side thanks to Node. It can also be used to  create mobile applications for Android and IOS thanks to React Native

REACT JS is fast

Thanks to virtual DOM which is an js object tree view, React JS identifies quickly nodes to be updated. In consequence, display time and refresh times are significantly optimized.

REACT JS is more flexible

The downside of using any Framework is that you always have to keep up with its evolution and new versions. However with REACT JS, it is possible to use only certain features of the new versions without having to migrate all the code and to use only the useful parts of code..

REACT JS is more open

REACT JS does not impose a specific library for data management. It is only the view part of the interface according to the MVC model (Model-View-Controller). UBIDREAMS has chosen “Redux” for the data store part.

In addition, it is possible to combine it with a design system to manage the graphic aspect of projects. We chose Ant Design for this, which like React offers great flexibility.

REACT JS has solid and prestigious references 

Created by Jordan Walke of Facebook in 2013, the REACT JS Framework has since been used by development teams of Netflix, Yahoo, Sony, Instagram and many more.