Your personalized interface design with Ant Design

Design and ergonomics are our values and we apply them with rigor for your web and mobile applications. Ant Design brings us a diversity of components and a freedom of customization to serve a single objective: your satisfaction.

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What is Ant Design ?

Ant Design is a web design system based on the React JS framework which enables the creation of web applications. 

Used as a component library on React projects, Ant Design is focused on the graphic environment in which the user evolves. (UI)

Ant Design offers the possibility to be used directly with a project created in React without difficulty.

It provides a set of high quality components  :

  • A simple and powerful grid system

  • Navigation components such as steps and different menus

  • Large icon packs illustrating many  topics

  • Large selection of data entity components like selectors, inputs or buttons. 

  • A set of customizable windows as progress bar or alerts. 

All these elements are easy to blend and stylize as you wish!

Why did we choose Ant Design ?

During the development of projects in React JS for back office, we have used components that we found in the JSCoach search engine. That allowed us to create interfaces and forms which answered our needs but rendering was heavy due to a large number of libraries and dependencies. Furthermore pages were not very homogeneous due to the diversity of design components

Therefore, in 2018, we decided to rethink our entire approach to projects in React JS by looking for a Design System and related framework. The aim was to answer a large part of requests with a single library and with little need for additional component libraries. Ant Design appeared to be endowed with a large number of graphical components, an active community and also more mature components than its main rivals (Bootstrap or Material UI).

A question, a project ? We help you define your project.