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Internet of Things (IOT)

We work between physical and digital worlds to give you our experience in connected devices design and integration, and utilization of linked data.

Let's build your IOT infrastructure

We advise you in the choice of technologies and suitable sensors. Then we build optimized infrastructures for your projects. The IOT environment is a complex environment, which is why we custom design it for your projects.

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The Beacon is a long-lasting beacon that emits a Bluetooth signal that can be interpreted by smartphones or any other device equipped with an appropriate electronic card. We have experimented with this technology on several projects and can advise you on its use today and on the installation of suitable infrastructures.

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The LoRa communication protocol has the advantages of consuming very little energy and communicating over long ranges thanks to a powerful frequency. It is for these reasons that we recommend the use of this technology for your projects.

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RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification)

This technology makes it possible, among other things, to create smart labels that are easily detectable at distances of around a few meters. It is widely used in logistics and industry. Ubidreams works with the company Hellermann Tyton on inventory management by RFID in the industrial world.

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MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport)

It is a messaging protocol using a publish / subscriber system on an MQTT server allowing all connected devices to receive the data simultaneously. It is an energy efficient technology due to the compression of the data.

Our partners

Nove 3D

We are working in collaboration with Nove 3D for the production of prototypes of the supports (3D prints) of our connected objects.


We are working with the company GigaConcept for the selection of sensors, optimization of LoRa antennas and the physical installation of IOT infrastructures.

Hellermann Tyton

We have also signed a partnership with Hellermann Tyton for the implementation of an RFID inventory solution.

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