Together, let's build your IOT architecture

The Big Data Three-Tier Pyramid

When we talk about Big Data, connected objects or IoT projects, we have to imagine a three-story pyramid. We support you in the construction of this architecture which is a bridge between the physical world and digital data.

First floor: Connected objects

At this level, we design IOT (Internet of Things) connected objects, which collect information such as temperature, brightness, speed, acceleration, GPS position. These objects can control some simple devices such as barriers, doors, switches or more complex robots.

We have gained experience on the subject, particularly with the use of Beacons and LoRa tags. These objects are connected via bluetooth or other local communication technologies and allow communication with the second floor of the pyramid.

Second floor : Gateway

It is commonly called GATEWAY: they concentrate the information received locally (from a factory or building, from an agricultural plot), group it together and transmit it via the Internet to the third floor of the pyramid.

Third floor : Computer servers

It is made up of tools, computer servers and numerous information processing software (Data Management (DTM), Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (IA), etc.) which make it possible to process a large volume of heterogeneous data and determine predictions and actions to be taken.

The amount of data in a pyramid system as described above grows exponentially and the processing and storage of such volumes pose operating difficulties for BIG DATA solutions: this is why UBIDREAMS recommends the use of FOG and / or EDGE Computing to remedy these issues and to optimize your digital transition.

Edge computing

It consists in carrying out certain software treatments as close as possible to the basic data, i.e. on the ground floor of the pyramid by the connected objects themselves. This makes it possible to analyze any anomalies coming from the data and to deal with them quickly. This allows, among other things, to increase the speed of intervention in the event of a safety failure that requires immediate intervention such as stopping a machine.

Fog computing

It involves carrying out intelligent treatments at the first level of the pyramid, the Gateway. At this level, we can group and filter the data before it is uploaded. This has several advantages including a reduction in server and cloud congestion, we also obtain more relevant results because the data is sorted and more appropriate.

Our experience was acquired within the framework of the ATENA project on the port of La Rochelle by developing an IOT architecture composed of intelligent connected objects (Node) and an intelligent GATEWAY, for the assisted and automated management of the unloading of ships of fertilizer. This approach is close to the principles of eco-design because it optimizes flows and processing, thereby reducing overall energy consumption in the establishment and operation of network infrastructures of connected objects.