UbiPTW : regulatory obligations for prevention plans

Also for the SDLP company, UBIDREAMS has developed a solution that can be fully transposed to other SEVESO sites.

Logo UbiPTW

Genesis of UbiPTW

The dangerous nature of the types of industrial sites (SEVESO) obliges them to manage a large number of generic and special work permits every day for all the external companies working on the site.

These are regulatory obligations that are part of a standardized and codified global prevention plan. UBIDREAMS has developed a first brick of this PREVENTION plan by creating UbiPTW (Permit To Work).

Functionality and Benefits

This software makes it possible to digitally create work permits and FIRE permits for workers on the site in a simple and intuitive way, to store this information in digital form and to facilitate the management of safety audits.  

This solution, like other UBI solutions, is fully transposable, configurable and adaptable to other SEVESO industrial sites.

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