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Rwanda : 20 years after

Mobile application for interactive tour

React JS, Beacon

The Rwanda project was funded by the city council of la Rochelle and was conducted as a proof of concept. It showed how the smarphone of a visitor in a picture gallery can interact with a set of beacons placed behind the photos. It happened in the maritime museum of la Rochelle which hosted a set of photos for the 20th anniversary of the rwandan genocide of the tutsis. The mobile Application allowed visitors to get movies and memos just passing in front of the photos. They were also able to interact and live a note about the photography for the organiser. The main difficulty was to make the selection between the various beacons signals to deliver the appropriate movies in front of the photos.


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    To Visualise photos

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    To Visualise movies

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    To Listen to a memo

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    To answer a questionnaire

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    To let an audio memo

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