TAILOR-MADE Business Solutions

BACK END & REST API developments

Realization of development projects BACK END and API REST for the communication between SOFTWARE and the realization of ADD ON This point is currently crucial in the urbanization of information systems in all companies.

Reference : Openprod programming in Python.

Electronic data interchange

Realization of EDI, exchange of computerized data between companies, extraction of data from a database of type ERP, Web interface of preparation and interrogation of the requests to be sent in automatic to the third.

Reference: SICA Atlantique Group: Sending of automated e-mails on production follow-up.


Realization of Extranet, Web Interface for the customers or the suppliers of a company. Secured access of the thirds, deport of the functionalities of management towards the thirds, externalization of the competences and the processes of a company.

Reference: SDLP subsidiary of Total, extranet for work permits of external companies.

Mobile Apps

Realization of mobile application, front end part of all the previous topics and other topics such as order taking by salesmen, real time information with customer notification, order taking by customers themselvesRecent reference:

  • AMALTIS company, leading fertilizer wholesaler in France

  • City of Marseille

  • BMPM geolocation and disaster prevention application

  • Habitat 44: Mobile application for monitoring work, managing unpaid bills and tenants.


Realization of integrated solutions with IOT. Remote control system of sensors, automatic information collection systems for Business intelligence interrogation or constitution of Big DATA reservoirs or more simply to feed a software for the management of stocks, inventories or for the management of a specific process:

Reference: Tracking system of trucks by BLE trackeur

Embedded systems

Realization of intelligent embedded systems. Programming of neural networks on embedded boards for EDGE processing. Realization of prototype networks of communicating IOT in white zones.

Reference: Firemen of Marseille, departure of fire in the creeks.

Alert or marketing management system with Beacon technology integration

Reference: Seatag safety at sea project