UbiPOI : disaster tracking software

Industrial operators of SEVESO classified sites must be able to manage a disaster (example given fire or explosion), to facilitate their crisis management we have developed UbiPOI.

Logo UbiPOI

The genesis of UbiPOI

This solution was developed as part of our project with the hydrocarbon depot company of La Pallice, SDLP, and in order to help professionals to follow the scenarios during an Internal Operation Plan.

The Internal Operation Plan (POI) must define the organizational methods, the intervention methods and the necessary means to be implemented progressively according to the evolution of an incident. The objective of the POI is to deal with an accident and to protect the personnel, property and the environment of the establishment.

Operation and advantages

We have developed a web application that allows you to monitor the status of water and foam concentrate stocks in real time, to track events and to visualize the progress of a disaster in the event of a disaster  in tanks or vessel fire.

We plan to innovate and add value to this application with a version directly connected to an IOT infrastructure.

If you want to learn a little more about the UbiTrack solution, download our brochure!

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