UbiShield : regulatory obligations for prevention plans

Also for the SDLP company, UBIDREAMS has developed a solution that can be fully transposed to other SEVESO sites.

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Genesis of UbiShield

SEVESO sites are very sensitive to Hazards and Risks management. Every day  they have to deliver a large quantity of generic and special work permits for all the external companies that work on their site. 

These obligations are mandatory and they are part of a global prevention plan that is standardized and codified. UBIDREAMS has developed the first module of this PREVENTION plan by creating UbiPTW (Permit To Work). This initial version of the application is fully functional and is currently being developed and used by our customer SDLP.

UbiPTW becomes UBI-Shield

To better respond to the reality of our customers' work, we are making major changes to our solution. It will now take into account the management of Prevention Plans.

A prevention plan allows to define and to frame the safety measures related to the activities, the installations and the materials used during the interventions of external companies. The measures taken in this document have a direct impact on the drafting of work permits, hence the need for coordinated management of these regulatory requirements.

Functionality and benefits

The original software module allows the digital creation of work permits and FIRE permits for on-site workers in a simple and intuitive way, to store this information in digital form and to facilitate the management of safety audits.  

We will add a digital management of prevention plans with functionalities common to work permits, but also the integration of a signature module for external contributors. 

This solution, like the other UBI solutions, is entirely transposable, configurable and adaptable to other SEVESO industrial sites. It is accessible in SAAS mode.

If you want to learn a little more about the UbiTrack solution, download our brochure!

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