UbiTrack : your unloading activity monitoring solution

Our solution allows you to monitor your boat unloading activity in real time.

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Genesis of UbiTrack

This solution for monitoring the unloading activity of bulk boats in real time was initially carried out for the company ATENA, a subsidiary of the SICA Atlantique group.

Infrastructure and technology

This solution involves WEB software and an IOT infrastructure based on both “Beacon” type Bluetooth transmitters and a network of intelligent IOT units developed by UBIDREAMS and communicating in a proprietary LoRa protocol.


Thanks to the use of bluetooth beacons, placed on the unloading trucks, listening boxes placed on the hangar doors and the sensitive areas such as the weighing, the docks, the site entrances and exits, the unloading is followed step by step in the processing software, developed by UBIDREAMS.

Adaptable solution

This software is adaptable and configurable for another port or another industrial site which needs to follow in detail an outdoor activity without imposing a GPS marker on the trucks. The unloading operator can thus view at any time on a supervision screen the quantity of BULK remaining on board the boat, the quantity unloaded, the quantities deposited in each hangar and by which transporter.

Advantages for your activity 

The software enables you to manage the teams, the rotations and then to control the invoicing of the actors of the operation by editing a complete and detailed report of the entire unloading.

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